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Original Content is King

For SEO, Google ranking, and reader engagement, original content is king.  Google’s algorithm can spot reused copies of content, and readers can easily recognize cookie-cutter reworks of someone else’s content.  As a result, Social Media MN only writes and publishes original blog and website content.  However, we do “borrow” blog topics or ideas shamelessly from a variety of sources.


It is tempting to reuse content.  There are blog and website writing agencies that mass produce content for specific industries, and they are inexpensive.  The writing is sometimes very good, but the same content you are posting on your blog often appears on your competitor’s blog.  When your reader sees this, you lose their confidence as a reliable source of information. Furthermore, sooner or later Google’s
“content crawlers” will place your blog or website page in the bucket of “not relevant.”  If you want your blog or website page to be “king of the hill” on Google Search, it makes sense to publish original content.  At Social Media MN, we have a team of talented writers to ensure it is.

The Rule of Three


New blog clients often ask Social Media MN what our blog or website writing “philosophy” looks like.  In a nutshell, our blogs are authored in our client’s name on their website page.  Generally, the blog length is between 500 to 700 words.  We embrace the idea of “less is more.”  We are confident your readers don’t want a doctoral thesis in your blog, but they do want to understand the “gist” of what you are talking about in layman’s terms.  To that end, we stick to the “Rule of Three,” i.e., highlighting three main ideas.  Studies have shown that people recall messages by the Rule of Three.


For our blog writing process, after a client decides on the blog topic and the three main points they want to make, Social Media MN writes a draft.  Whenever possible, we try to integrate website content, messages, and videos created for digital and social media ads, Google AdWords, and MailChimp in the blog.  After the client signs off on the draft blog, we add optimized royalty-free pictures, video clips, or videos for each post.  Finally, we optimize the blog with SEO Keywords.

Limited Role for AI

Social Media MN does not use AI to create original content.  However, AI can be very useful to help flush out blog and website page ideas and insert SEO keywords or phrases into original content.  This can save time and reduce our client’s investment in blog or website page writing services.  As a result, Social Media uses AI for limited functions.  Below is original content written by a Social Media MN writer for a water damage contractor.  Next to it in the highlighted red areas are places AI inserted SEO keywords into the original content.  See the example below.

Orginal Content

AI Inserted SEO Keywords

How to Use Subscription Content for Real Estate, Lending, & Attorneys

Real estate agents, mortgage lenders, financial planners, attorneys, and banks usually have compliance requirements for what they can publish on their blogs or social media.  As a result, these professionals have gravitated to using blog content authored by subscription services that are experts in their industry or tradeline.  The content they provide is vetted, meets compliance requirements, and is inexpensive.  If you want and need to use industry-specific content provided by a subscription service, Social Media MN can rewrite it to maintain your compliance requirements and ensure it is published as original content.  In addition to ensuring it is original content, we can also optimize your blog or website page with SEO keywords.  For a no-obligation consultation, contact us today.