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SEO for WordPress, Wix, Square, and Shopify Websites

Every business owner wants and needs their website to rank by their business category and SEO keywords at the top of Google Search results, either in the top three on Google Maps or in the “organic” section below it, in the markets they serve.  For too many businesses, investing in SEO is like washing a new pair of designer socks; the socks go into the dryer, but nothing comes back.  At Social Media MN, we get it!  And when it comes to SEO, we get results for WordPress, Wix, Square, and Shopify websites, and routinely exceed our client’s expectations.


Our clients are never left wondering if their SEO is working.  While your SEO program is ramping up, we provide SEO keyword tracking reports and analytics.  These tools serve as a
road map of where it is going.   And if reports and analytics are not your thing, you’ll feel your SEO investment by an increase to your bottom line or by a multiplication of new website leads or customers.  Our SEO programs include:


  • On-page SEO (your website)
  • Off-page SEO (3rd party directories and search engines)

90-Day SEO Guarantee

We are so confident we can get your website ranking on page one on Google in 90 days for your business category or at least one SEO keyword phrase that if we don’t, your program is FREE until we do so.  We put our skin in the game with you to identify and implement the right strategy and tactics to ensure your website is in front of the right type and kind of customers you are looking for on Google….no matter how competitive your industry is.  Below are the terms for the 90-Day SEO Guarantee:


  • Page one ranking on Google for your website by business category or at least one SEO keyword phrase in 90 days.
  • Ranking in the city your business is listed in on Google.
  • The business category or keyword phrase must be confirmed by the client in writing via email.
  • The 90-Day SEO Guarantee must be included in your Social Media MN Service Agreement.

Why Do We Offer a 90-Day SEO Guarantee?


We have never fallen short of our client’s SEO expectations.  However, most of our SEO clients have worked with some other agency at some point to achieve their website’s SEO objectives with little or no success.  As a result, they are skeptical about what SEO can do for them.  From our experience, the main reason for this is the other agency only employed elements of SEO for them but missed the big picture.  At Social Media MN, our “Geek Squad” leaves no stone unturned when it comes to SEO.

An Interesting Lesson About SEO Keywords

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Often times the best SEO keywords are not the ones your competitors are using.  For example, an HVAC contractor was dead set on getting his website ranking at the top of Google Search for “furnace repair” in an ultra-competitive market with 68 HVAC competitors vying for the same ranking.  While researching SEO keyword combos for him, Social Media MN came across “thermostat repair” with no competition.  The client was excited about this discovery.  As he noted:

almost all of the thermostat repair calls we have gone on in the past have had nothing to do with the thermostat, but the furnace was malfunctioning.  On top of that, most of those thermostat repair calls turned into a furnace repair or replacement estimate.

As a result, we optimized his website for both “thermostat repair” and “furnace repair.”  The client’s website got ranked at the top of Google Search right away for “thermostat repair.”  We capitalized on the website traffic to obtain “domain authority” and then quickly got the website ranked for “furnace repair.”

Our Secret SEO Sauce



We can’t reveal everything, but one thing we can share here is we use social media ads to drive traffic to your website to help with SEO.  One ingredient Google’s algorithm looks for in ranking your website depends on how popular it is.   This is sort of like the age-old riddle, “what comes first, the chicken or the egg?”  For example, if your website is at the top of Google Search, more people will click on it.  Google will think it is popular.  But if you are on page three of Google Search, how do you catch Google’s attention?  The answer is running ads on social media with a call to action to “Contact Us,” “Learn More,” or “Shop Now,” which is linked back to your website or shopping cart.  Every time someone leaves your social media page by clicking into your website, Google notices this.