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Digital Ads Reach Your Audience Where They Are


Social Media MN digital ads reach your ideal audience where they are.  In the not-too-distant past, you could reach your ideal audience by running video ads on cable and network TV by matching your ideal audience to a particular show, news program, or time slot.  Today, your ideal audience has thousands of places they can go to digest their favorite content.


As a result, to get in front of your ideal audience you need digital ads.  Digital ads appear on websites, applications (apps), video streaming services, social media platforms, and other digital media channels, all the places you need to be to reach your ideal audience with a compelling message.  Unlike cable TV and network TV advertising, targeting digital ads to your ideal audience is much more precise and inexpensive.  Every time your ideal audience visits a website, uses an app, interacts on social media, or watches a program on say Paramount+, they share information on who they are, what they like, etc.

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Where Your Digital Ads Appear


Our digital ad campaigns are integrated with over 1,100 of the major exchanges and supply-side platforms that, combined, have the capacity to deliver 280 billion impressions per day.  We can target your ideal audience(s) at scale using proprietary 1st party and comprehensive 3rd party data assets, premium multi-platform inventory, and advanced optimization technologies.  When you work with Social Media MN, you have access to our digital ad network to reach your ideal audience no matter where they are.  Some examples are:


  • 3rd Party Websites like CNN and Fox News & more.
  • Streaming TV like Hulu, Paramount+, Amazon Video, and more.
  • Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Sample Display and Video Digital Ads


Types of Digital Ads We Create




  • E-commerce Ads

  • Ads for Professional Services

  • Events

  • Branding Ads

  • Public Relations

  • Testimonials

How We Target Your Ideal Audience with Digital Ads



  • AUDIENCE TARGETED: DISPLAY AD & VIDEO: Use 1st and third-party data to target your ideal audience based on demographics, behaviors, purchase history/intent, or brand affinity.
  • CONTENT TARGETED: DISPLAY AD & VIDEO: Aligns ads with relevant content at the article level based on content category and keywords.
  • SEARCH RETARGETED: DISPLAY: Delivers ads to your ideal audience with a relevant search history based on keywords and phrases.
  • EMAIL MARKETING: Delivers messaging directly to the inboxes of viable prospects with available match-back reporting.
  • RETARGETING: DISPLAY AD & VIDEO: Retarget your ideal audience who have visited an advertiser’s site/app, like CNN or Fox News, and your social media pages and website.
  • WEBSITE TARGETED: DISPLAY AD & VIDEO: Delivers ads to relevant sites based on topic.
  • NATIVE: DISPLAY AD & VIDEO: Integrates messaging directly into the pages of national and local publisher sites, mirroring the form and style of editorial.
  • CUSTOM AI LOOK-ALIKE MODELING: Ingests CRM data and/or pixel data collected from sites and apps to create AI-generated LAL models for programmatic and social targeting.

Targeted Mobile Digital Ads


  • GEO Fencing: Targets mobile users based on their current location or locations previously visited (up to 365 days in the past).
  • Geo-Fencing + Foot Traffic. Delivers ads to mobile users based on location, and recency, and tracks foot traffic to a location, such as a rally.