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Video Creates an Emotional Connection with Your Audience

For video production, our goal at Social Media MN is to “show” what you want to say vs “tell” what you want to say.  We purposely go out of our way to shoot precisely scripted high-quality video in places and scenes that enable the viewer to establish an emotional connection to you.  In the absence of an ideal location to shoot your video, we double down during the script writing process to identify the most compelling b-roll, graphic-designed images, and descriptive language, and sometimes employ Green Screen backdrops to convey it.  One-minute videos, 30-second videos, and 15 to 20-second video memes work great in digital ads, social media ads, Google AdWords, and MailChimp.  Videos trigger engagement, such as “Likes, Shares, and Followers” on social media, and clicks to your website to generate sales to new and existing customers.

Video Production for Digital Ads, Social Media, Streaming TV & Cable TV


Social Media MN produces high-quality video that can be formatted and rendered to be used on any platform you need to be on.  Digital media, social media, streaming TV, and cable TV platforms and providers have different requirements to run a video ad.  For example, the pixel size for a streaming TV video ad is larger than what Facebook and Instagram require.  As a result, if you don’t adjust a streaming TV video ad for placement on Facebook and Instagram, its delivery will be limited.  At Social Media MN, we get it!  You can count on us to ensure your video ads are formatted and rendered precisely.

Our Video Production Process



• 1–2-hour discovery call.
• Draft a script(s).
• Edit script(s) and collaborate with the client.
• Create storyboard(s) and collaborate with the client.
• Video shoot.
• Produce a draft video.
• Video edits, and collaboration with the client.
• Produce the final video.
• Format and render final video for digital ads, social media ads, streaming TV, and cable TV ads.

Types of Video Ads We Produce

  • Videos for E-commerce

  • Video for Professional Services

  • Events

  • Branding Videos

  • Public Relations

  • Testimonials

  • Drone Videos