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Social Media Ads Reach Your Audience Where They Are

Social Media MN creates and manages Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Nextdoor, and MailChimp display ads, animation, and video ad campaigns.  We can help you compose a compelling message with engaging videos, video memes, and graphic design.  We’ll also set up professional ad accounts for targeting and retargeting your ideal audience using AI and tracking pixels.


AI and tracking pixels enable us to analyze “first-party data” gathered from people who interact with your social media ads and pages.  This provides opportunities to tweak your social media ad campaign to ensure it maximizes new sales opportunities, website leads and traffic, and new business with existing customers.  Lastly, by working with Social Media MN, we’ll verify your website domain name connected to your social media ads to comply with iPhone and iPad IOS 16 requirements.  From creating and managing your social media ad campaign to measuring performance, we are confident we will exceed your ROI expectations.

Types of Social Media Ads We Create




  • E-commerce Ads

  • Ads for Professional Services

  • Events

  • Branding Ads

  • Public Relations

  • Testimonials

Social Media Platforms we Work With

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Social Media Ad Formats

Social Media MN’s creative, video, and graphics design team is incredibly talented.  We’ll work with you to help craft a compelling message and brainstorm the best way to “show” it to trigger engagement with your ideal audience.  Some of the social media ad formats we produce are:


Ways We Target Your Ideal Audience on Social Media



  • FIRST PARTY DATA:  Collected by visitors who engage with your website and social media pages.


  • AUDIENCE TARGETED: DISPLAY AD & VIDEO: Use 1st and third-party data to target your ideal audience based on demographics, behaviors, purchase history/intent, or brand affinity.


  • CONTENT TARGETED: DISPLAY AD & VIDEO: Aligns ads with relevant content at the article level based on content category and keywords.


  • CUSTOM AI LOOK-ALIKE MODELING: Ingests CRM data and/or pixel data collected from sites and apps to create AI-generated LAL models for programmatic and social targeting.