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How much is a “Standard Package” for SEO & Facebook ads?

We really don’t have one.  Before we talk pricing, we need a conversation on what your needs are.  We provide internet marketing solutions based on your needs and your business budget.   Next we map out expectations together and finally we go to work to exceed them.  Some of our SEO & Facebook clients spend $300/month, others $1200/month on their programs and some much more.  Factors that influence the price of a program include how much they are spending on targeted Facebook “boost” ads or if they are producing and running Viral Facebook Ads with us.

Tune-ups vs Overhauls

This will also affect your program spend.  We have some clients that need to “button” up missed opportunities or re-calibrate their website’s rank on Google or message on Facebook.  Some determine a three-month tune up makes the most sense for their needs.  Others choose an overhaul.  We have clients on 3 month, 6 month, 1 year and month to month service agreements.  With our month to month service agreements we put our skin in the game with you.

How much does a custom WordPress website Cost?

When most people hear the word “custom” associated with anything they gravitate to the thought “out of my budget,” but this is not the case with Social Media MN programs.  We are small business entrepreneurs too so when it comes to budgets and results, we get it. There are a number of ways to build out a unique and engaging WordPress website that meets your budget requirements and exceeds your expectations.  For example, you might choose features or a theme similar to what we have already created.  Also, all of the websites we build have 3 months’ worth of SEO built in them when they go live. The point is we are pros at finding ways to exceed expectations and deliver a result.  If our hands are under the hood so to speak, we are going get the job done right the first time accurately and efficiently with the resources have.  We have built 10-page custom WordPress websites for $1500 and 50+ page sites with API integration and API build outs for 10k+.   To get an idea of pricing, we need a conversation about what your needs are.  Don’t hesitate to Contact Us today!

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