Home Living Systems for Quadriplegic, Amputees, Alzheimer’s, Dementia & Autism

We Utilize Dragon Speech to Text Technology

Our systems are designed to keep residents out of a 24-hour care facility for as long as possible. This innovative technology helps ensure private pay families, as well as homecare agencies, can deliver the personalized care they want and prevents them from losing their independence in a home to a full-time facility or institution.

Our Systems are Eligible for Medicaid Matching Funds

Our healthcare monitoring & custom assistive living systems are eligible for Medicaid matching funds.

Community Access to Disability Inclusion Waiver

In the fiscal year 2015, an average of 18,200 Minnesotans was served with similar waivers each month at an average monthly cost of about $3,000 in state and federal funds.

The waivers give states a way to obtain federal Medicaid matching funds to provide long-term services and support people in their homes and communities. In most counties, social workers administer the waivers for the state for county residents. Cybermation Inc. can help you determine if a loved one or a client is eligible for this.

Easy to Ingrate into Homes, Shared or Group Living Environments

Our systems are relatively easy to set up. We can install them to automate anything using electricity: locks, lights, entertainment systems and more.

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