Mail Chimp

It’s NOT “spam.” It’s prospecting for repeat business & referrals

You have already earned the right to do business with people that provided their email address on a receipt, estimate, purchasing something online from you, or an from an invoice. So why not stay in touch with them? Of course there is a difference between staying in touch and blasting out emails every day. At Social Media MN, we get it. The correct frequency combined with an uncluttered and impactful email message is essential to keep you top of mind for repeat business or referrals. You can use Mail Chimp to announce a sale, share news of new products or services, or send “Happy Birthday” messages. The choices are endless. What’s more, for more general tailored Mail Chimp emails, we can cross post them to Facebook to help ensure the message gets out everywhere.

Mail Chimp Set-Up

If you don’t have an email list, we can help you create a system to build one. Whether you are starting from scratch or already have an email list and want to expand it, we can help you determine the most effective campaign to achieve your goals. We will write, design, and select royalty free pictures and video clips and post your email with free analytics provided. We can set up and manage both automatic campaigns and manual campaigns. For automatic campaigns we can send emails to your list on the date and time you want to with the message you want. We can also send targeted emails to certain types of people on your email list, like “Happy Birthday” messages or reminders, news or announcements. For manual emails, we can also schedule them in advance and send them on a specific date and time plus customize the message, like for short notice “After Christmas Sale.” For manual campaigns, we can also cross post your Mail Chimp email to Facebook and other social media partners.

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