Drive Leads to Your Website: Selecting SEO Keywords

Brainstorming is the beginning

The first critical step to ensure your website performs as a lead generator is to select your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Keywords, then incorporate them into the content of your website and code them on the back end.  Using a Google Keyword Planner, we work will work with you to identify the best SEO Keywords or Phrases.  Often times the best SEO Keywords are not the most popular ones.  For example, “thermostat repair” proved to be a better lead generator for one HVAC contractor than “furnace repair.” Nearly all the service calls they responded to had nothing to do with the thermostat, but rather was a furnace malfunction.  As a result, most of the time they ended up being the only one that made an estimate for the repair and got the job.

Our Secret Sauce

Something magical happens with SEO results when combined with a Facebook campaign, Optimized Facebook Video Ads and cross-publishing on YouTube. A rule of thumb, it takes about 90 days to begin to see results for SEO efforts. However, SEO married to a Facebook campaign and YouTube video is truly a match made by Google and it is not uncommon to see SEO results measured in a few weeks’ vs a few months.  Some of the SEO items on our workflow checklist include:

  • Insert SEO Keyword or Phrases into sentences and text of website page (s)
  • Add Meta Titles & Meta Descriptions to Website backend
  • Add Alt. Text of SEO Keywords or Phrases behind Images or Video
  • Install Facebook and YouTube live feeds on website in an iframe
  • txt: to make sure there are no broken links, proper redirects
  • XML Sitemap: List of all pages
  • Structured Data: Easy for Google to crawl information
  • List website in 71 Search Engines & Directories like Google My Business, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, etc.
  • Set up of Google Analytics and Google Webmasters Report

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