WordPress Websites

Why Choose a WordPress Website?

Business owners like WordPress websites because content and picture changes can be taken care of quickly and easily regardless of one’s computer skills. Equally significant, businesses evolve and so too can a WordPress website theme without having to reinvent the wheel, saving time and money. SEO and Social Media specialists gravitate to WordPress themes because they have made themselves relevant to all things Google and social media marketing with “plugins” and “widgets.” Like building with Legos, changes can be implemented by adding or swapping out the building blocks. WordPress websites are user-friendly to both business owners and techies.

We Can Help Craft Your Website Message

Crafting a website message has proven to be challenging for many small business owners and companies with multiple profit centers. It is natural for a business owner who has been around for a while to assume “everyone knows what I do” but a mistake to count on it. To ensure you don’t miss opportunities to do business with website visitors, we diligently apply the “Google 10 Second Rule” to all the website we build.

Google 10 Second Rule

The Google 10 Second Rule goes something like this: if your website’s message can keep a visitor on it for more than 10 seconds, buying decisions begin.  It doesn’t mean a sale, but it does mean your website piqued the visitor’s interest and they begin navigating it to explore buying what you have to offer.  The Google “10 Second Rule” should answer these questions on the website Home page;

Social Media MN can help ensure your website captures the Google 10 Second Rule and nudges visitors to navigate beyond buying decisions to conversions and sales.

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