YouTube’s 3 in 1 Benefit

Intuitively people seem to know video sells better than a single picture image can. If this was YouTube’s only benefit, it would still be worth your attention, but there is more. Publishing a YouTube video to promote your business also creates awesome opportunities for SEO and Social Media Marketing such as:

  • SEO: Linking your website to your YouTube Channel or Video(s) increases Google page rank
  • SEO: YouTube Channels & Video(s) can be optimized for your website’s SEO Keywords
  • Social Media: YouTube video(s) can be cross-posted/published to Facebook & Mail Chimp
YouTube Channel Set-Up & Video Production

Social Media MN sets-up a YouTube Channel for all of our social media clients that are using video they supply or ones we produce.

If you don’t have video and need to craft a video message to get out on social media, contact us today!

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